Is there parking available?

Yes, you can park we are based at Down End car park.

Are there changing facilities?

We have both male and female changing areas, both of which are covered. There is also an outdoor fresh water shower.

Do you have toilets?

There are male, female, and disabled toilets located on the site.

Is there somewhere we can get food and drink?

A Café is located on site where you can buy food and beverages, alternatively food is available in your course if you pre-booked.

Do I need to bring anything?

A towel and swimwear.

What is provided?

All equipment, sunscreen and water.

Do you have surf hire?

Yes on site hire facilities.

How many people will I be surfing with?

You will be in a group of 6 people or less per instructor.

What is the age limit?

We start from 5 yrs to 85 yrs.

What thickness are your wetsuits?

We use Tiki 5mm full winter suits for maximum warmth, and use boots, gloves and hoods when needed.

I have heard Croyde can be dangerous?

We will book your lessons around tides and conditions that are suitable for your ability and if need be move to one of the other beaches.

Are the coaches qualified?

We employ friendly and enthusiastic coaches with full lifeguard and coaching certificates.

Do the coaches surf with us?

Your coach will not have a board in the water unless you ask for a demo or you are at a level which requires him/her to paddle with you, meaning they will constantly be hands on and helping you through and onto the waves.